Thursday, April 5, 2012

Onion Ring Cutting

Last Friday, Jeremy and I went to the Sysco test kitchen facilities in Concord, NC. Our goal was to decide the fate of our onion rings. Our plan is to make "The best onion rings the world has ever known."

We tested beer batters and seasoned flour, basically. With onion rings, the simpler the better. Texture is very important, as are the bare, caramelized bits that permeate the coating. Also critical is the batter to onion ratio. To thin and all you taste is batter, too thick, you risk a chewy, too raw ring. Another nuance is the critical balance of flavors in the batter and the degree of doneness. It should be crisp and golden brown, but not overcooked and or scorched in any way.

In the end, we found what were were looking for. A flavorful, crisp, caramelized, balanced, onion-y tasting ring.


Seasoned flour batches.

Beer. For batter, of course.

Proof of beer going into batter, not the cooks.

Chuck from Sysco. Assisting in onion sourcing and alchemy.

Flour and seasonings

Jeremy Guthrie, Food and Beverage Director, prepping beer batter.

Four different batches, waiting to meet their doom.

Perfect Onion Rings

Seasoning with salt, right out of the fryer. a critical step.

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