Friday, April 6, 2012

Walls Go Up

More photos of the site as it really starts to take shape here in the coming weeks. The restrooms are framed out and they cut the patio door, which lets in really nice afternoon sun.

The back line is up and the dry storage/mop sink room is taking shape - the finishing of which has been a feat of engineering and concrete design. We have also been dealing with some tricky surface water flow issues as the elevations around the patio and the storage room have been completely redesigned. However, the new drainage design is smart and I have every confidence that Michael and team have it licked.

There wil be 1000 of these decisions made in the field as we finish construction. It's great way to hone one's collaborative problem solving and decision making skills. And it's thrilling as hell.

Back Line Walls

Bucket O' Wire

Corridor out to rest rooms (on Right and Left) and the patio. 

Looking toward Front Door. Walls on near left will be cut open to kitchen. 

Dead Fixtures

Kitchen Door leading to Dry Storage

Dry Storage Room and Mop Sink mold. Notice elevation change from interior to exterior.

Patio and stairs to deck. Note door, cut today, leading to rest room and inside of restaurant.

 Metal Studs

Floor Planks

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