Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The project has crested the hill it seems. Detailed plans have been drawn, adjusted, redrawn, marked up, noted, changed outright, disapproved, changed and drawn yet again. Finally, they have been approved and stamped by the powers that be in the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, the seat of the County of Mecklenburg. Signage plans have also been approved. Colors and finishes have been selected, and partners have been engaged to build out the finishing pieces.

Most importantly, construction has begun and it looks like we are on schedule for 10 weeks from Monday. June 1 or so.

These pictures were taken shortly after permits were issued. As you can see, a detailed excavation was necessary to accommodate current plumbing codes. When I asked Jimmy, our plumber about the complexity of this job versus others, he replied, "It's about a 5 out of 10. No big deal. The real problem is finding room to put all the goddam dirt."

Well put, Jimmy...the dirt of a thousand years under that building. Where to put it indeed. I've been wondering that myself.


Jimmy gettin' after it:

Instrument of Destruction:

 40 Gal. Grease Trap

Kitchen Glass:

Interior Colors:

Terra Cotta Pipes...last used by the Romans.

Subterranean view:

Pure, Uncut Carolina Red:

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