Friday, December 23, 2011

House of Blues

Been racking my head for a really good example of a brand I would call "timeless" and it finally dawned on me this evening. It's The House of Blues. It's got nostalgic elements, but it's not overt. it is really expressed in it's commitment to music as the soul of the brand, with a nod to folk art imagery (of multiple cultures) and what I would call "considered" design.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dilworth Historical Submission : 12/21/11

Here is the rough signage sketch from RBA that was submitted today to the Dilworth Historical commission.  We will have an opportunity to be present at the review in January, where we can present our "final"
signage plan. Coming together..

Ted's Hot Dogs, Buffalo, NY

All along the way, I have been mentioning Ted's Hot Dogs from my hometown, Buffalo, NY. It is the inspiration for JJ's and has fed and nurtured my love of hot dogs for 40+ years. I have stopped there on the WAY to Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt Dorothy's. (May she rest in peace and forgive me)

But It also occurred to me that I haven't really shown off many pictures for you to get a feel, so here ya go!

Very simple concept, as you can see...but the food has been the same for 84 years. Delicious, affordable and consistent with great service. Folks, the model doesn't change...for all the cool design shit I send out, if we can accomplish the above, I will be most proud!

Ted's does Charcoal Grilling...note "Warm/Cook/Finish areas of grill and flat cast iron grates.

A closer look:

This would be a typical order. Two dogs, rings and a loganberry drink...followed by another dog. Or two. 

This was taken six minutes after the above photo was taken...i timed it.

Recent Sightings of Badass Stuff

Here are some random photos of interesting material and equipment and lighting choices from restaurants. May help inform material selections, etc. Enjoy!

Cold Line at Crisp on East Blvd. Charlotte, NC

Menu/Line at Crisp

This is the cold box at New York Burger Co. in NYC. Note detail on thin walled stainless boxes, caddies for sauces, packing of ice. This is beautiful.

Artisanal Pickle Co. I have been hearing about...

"The Pass" at Palm Beach Grill in Palm Beach, FL. Note lighting and how focused it is over the Pass...brilliant example of "theater" style spotlighting.

Weathered Painted Brick : Wondering if we can do something like this on exterior brick??

Print Wall:

Condiment Bottle at BBilly's : Original Shape is neat, also bottle pourer.

"Hip Flask" style bottled water @ Ace Hotel in NYC: Again, the original shapes interest me.

Inexpensive and clever lighting fixtures made from painted pipe. Ace Hotel, NYC.

Dean and Deluca, Stonecrest, Charlotte. Organized, colorful, and CLEAN:

This is at Lincoln, in NYC. What I liked about this was the lighting INSIDE the hood.

Ace Hotel again...simple, impactful and functional exterior lighting:

Faded Signs,  Metrolina.

Old Sign on the side of the Road. Weddington, NC: Hand Painted.

Fresh Fry Station: Penn Station Subs, Matthews, NC:

This is now in my Garage...can we use it somewhere? BTW, it doesn't work.

Times Sq. No place like it on Earth...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Signage Sketches From Matt Stevens: 12/15/11

Here are some preliminary looks at signage configurations put together by Matt Stevens. RBA currently working on adaptations. Team will review early next week. Good stuff...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lease signing : December 15, 2011

The Lease for 1514 East Boulevard was signed today at 4:24 PM. Big milestone for us. Thanks to all who made it happen in a very compressed timeline. Onward!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Signage : Neon

These images are from several trips to Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and beyond. Since the next week or so will be focused exterior sketches/drawings, etc., I selected mostly signage and facades that I thought were interesting. Also included are some pics of plating and flatware that may inspire as well.

neon with marquis...good look

@ Hot Doug's: "there are no two finer words in the english language than 'encased meats'..."

near o'hare...they do BIG volume.

M Burger is a 'Lettuce Entertain You" restaurant in Chicago

500 ft. sq.

Simple as hell paper program. it works.

hand lettering on glass 

mix of backlit panel and neon

typical saturday at jim's steaks. 4th and south st. philadelphia

hot dog and italian ice vendor at the art museum, philadelphia. 

webers root beer, pennsauken, nj

hot dog vendor. city hall, philadelphia


jj's hat center, manhattan

fishmonger, grand central station

cheese vendor

backstage, village vanguard

shake shack, nyc

bark, brooklyn

all clad warmer/bain marie

simple caddies @ bark, brooklyn

wood tables @ bark

NY dog @ hot diggety, phila.

hot diggety

hot diggety. illlustrated menu by hawk krall

Mystic Theater, Petaluma, CA