Sunday, April 14, 2013

JJ's Red Hots, Part Deux!


I have heard it said that, during the growth of a new restaurant company, the most challenging time is when it expands its scope from one restaurant to two because everything instantly doubles...efforts, headaches, and (we hope) sales. Well, at JJ’s, we are preparing to do just that. On Monday, April 8, we broke ground on our second location, which will be at 15105 John Delaney Dr. in the Ballantyne section of Charlotte, NC. (See map here)  It will be 2600 ft. sq. and have 70 seats inside and 24 seats outside under a nice covered patio. We are very excited for this location to take shape and are planning on opening sometime in June of 2013.

Having learned a great deal about our operation in the last 9 months, we were able to make some very nice adjustments to the new location, in my opinion. We have been constantly updating our menu and tweaking some things and I feel like the menu is in a great place right now. It’s simple, but has something for everyone.  We can deliver the menu quickly, but remain committed to quality. We have expanded some sections and streamlined others. We have handmade soups and salads that are tossed fresh and made to order. We have options for vegetarian, piscatarian and gluten free guests. And of course, we have the most delicious hot dogs and sausages known to mankind. (Well, in our opinion anyway) 

We have also made some exciting tweaks to the design of the physical space. These are mostly cosmetic, except for the fact that we are going to add a beer and wine bar at this location. Time and again, our customers have told us that they’d like to be able to sit down and enjoy a craft beer or nice glass of wine. Well at Ballantyne, you will be able to do that!

Value, service and quality food will continue to be our main drivers and of course, we will always try to create an experience for our guests that is unique and memorable.

Thanks to our management and crew,who have hung in there with us and most of all, thanks to our guests who have been incredibly supportive and loyal. Thank you all!


 Lease Signing, with our attorney Tom Gates.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Ball Park Specials

'Fenway Style' Italian Sausage

All-American Chicken Noodle Soup

Garlic Parmesan Fries

Yep folks, it’s that time of year again.  Each spring welcomes back the crack of the bat and the pop of rawhide hitting leather, while the air fills with the unforgettable smell of glove oil, fresh cut grass, and hot dogs and sausages on the grill. 

Yes, baseball is back!  And we at JJ’s have a few new menu items on deck to lead off the season.

 Whether it’s on Lansdown St., Brookline Avenue, or Yawkey Way, anyone entering or leaving Fenway Park can attest to the popularity of the ever-present Italian sausage stands.  

We’ve chosen to feature Sahlen’s Italian sausage (a product of Buffalo, NY—go Bisons!) for the month of April, topping it with a smoky-sweet chili sauce (inspired by Jon Luther’s great aunt Dorothy Dragich) along with sautéed onions and peppers and Weber’s mustard. It’s spicy, smoky, sweet, and tastes good even in the cheap seats.

Our featured side item for April offers ‘Giant’ flavor—our take on the popular San Francisco ballpark garlic fries.  Crispy french fries topped with fresh grated Pecorino cheese, finely chopped garlic, and minced parsley.

And finally, for soup, we chose to do something as comforting and as American as the beginning of a new baseball season itself—chicken noodle.  We didn’t reinvent the wheel here, relying rather on the memory-conjuring power of this most traditional soup.  A home run every time.

With all these great new, limited-time only options, why not swing for the fences and make it a combo.  Our Full Count Combo scores you a char-grilled Italian sausage, your choice of either garlic fries or soup, AND a drink, for only $6.99! 

Jeremy Guthrie, Food and Beverage Director
April, 2013