Monday, March 31, 2014

BrewDog by Triple C

'BEER BQ' |  March 31 - April 6 

You reallllly don't want to miss this one. Triple C brought in the big guns with 'BeerBQ'. It starts with a big ass pork butt - hand rubbed, house-smoked and shredded. Then we top it with a Smoked Amber BBQ sauce and it's finished with battered and deep fried crispy onions.  That is all. This one really doesn't need any further explanation. 

Thanks for playing, Triple C. Oh, and if you'd like the recipe for Smoked Amber BBQ Sauce, we'll post it later this week.

Enjoy! (these guys certainly did)
once it hits your lips

cheers to BeerBQ!

Triple C guys with JJ's Owner, Jon Luther

BEER BQ | Designed by Will McClellan @ Triple C Brewing

triple c founder/owner, chris harker, hard at work

chris harker and jon luther | probably talking about beer. and hot dogs. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

BrewDog by Unknown Brewing


Dog of the Week | March 24 - March 30

This weeks dog of the week is brought to us by Unknown Brewing, the newest craft brewery in Charlotte. The guys over there are great to work with, and they're serving up some unique and delicious beers. Check 'em out around town or at their brew-making establishment at 1327 S. Mint St. 

We always start with our premium quality Sahlen's Hot Dog and Martin's Potato Roll. Brad and Larry came up with some crazy ideas (hence the name) but we finally settled on the perfect concoction using all their favorite toppings.

Keep scrolling for pics but before you close this window to head to JJ's to devour this hot dog  - check out this video from the guys at Unknown. Funny shit. 

JJ's Beer Cheese | House-cured Bacon | Fried Okra | Sriracha
*Okra is battered with a secret mixture using Unknown's Over The Edge USPA

Over The Edge Pale Ale  
Beer Cheese | Bacon | Over the Edge Battered & Fried Okra | Sriracha

Larry Suggs. The Unknown Head Pusherman. And model.

This is his better side. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014


You guys are all awesome! Thank you for stopping by to wish me a happy birthday last Saturday. I'll be seeing you around town so honk two times if you spot me! And if you'd like to book me for your own lunch, event, or just for the hell of it, email my agent, Brandy Newton. She can be reached at

Check out a couple pics of me on my first birthday

pre party

A little b/w filter always makes me look good


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hbd to me

so fresh and so clean clean 
Red Hot Cupcakes by Cupcrazed | Fort Mill, SC

Sunday, March 16, 2014

BrewDog by NoDa Brewing


The second hot dog in our BrewDogs series is a custom dog brought to you by Noda Brewing's head brewer, Chad Henderson. He's known in the social-verse as "Beer Mad Chad" so it only made sense to replace "beer" with "dog" when naming his creation.

Chad doesn't build hot dogs for a living, obviously. He wanted to stick to the basics but throw in a little kick in the end. He started with our house-cured bacon. After hosting JJ's at the brewery last year for a Beer and Bacon pairing event, he knew our bacon (and lots of it) had to be on his dog. He added sautéed onions and peppers and JJ's sweet and sour dills. Still something was missing...

The main ingredient in this flavor bomb on a bun is Coco Loco Mustard made by JJ's Owner and Head Hot Dog Honcho, Jonathan Luther. It has an unexpected eye-opening, sinus-jarring kick to it - so keep a pint of Noda's Jam Session nearby. Noda's newest release, CAVU (An aeronautical term meaning Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) also pairs brilliantly with this dog. CAVU is a 4.6% All Season Ale with hints of tropical fruit and citrus notes from their Mosaic hops, then finishes clean and bright.

I know what you're thinking,  "Hey, wouldn't Coco Loco Porter be the obvious pairing choice?" That would be obvious, wouldn't it? BUT with the flavors this dog brings, a light and refreshing brew really works best. Trust us, we're professionals.

*Recipe for Coco Loco Mustard below

Dog Mad Chad

Chad Henderson | Head Brewer | NoDa Brewing Co. 

Liz pouring my 12th CAVU of the evening - it's delicious!
CAVU in all its beauty

Coco Loco Beer Mustard

Mustard and beer were meant to go together. And the delicious Coco Loco Porter from NoDa adds an exceptional roasted malty roundness and deep rich color that no other beer can. Use this as a dipping sauce for pretzels, slather it on a ham sandwich or – of course - a bratwurst or hot dog.

2           12 oz. Bottles of Coco Loco Porter (Or beer of choice)
¼          Cup Brown Sugar
¼          Cup White Vinegar
2           Tsp Salt
6           Eggs
1 ½       Cups Ground Mustard
2           T Caraway seeds, toasted


1. Open one of the beers, pour in a glass and enjoy while making your mustard.
2. Combine all other ingredients except caraway seeds in a large bowl, whisk until all ingredients are well combined. Let stand for an hour.
3. Over a double boiler, whisk ingredients until mustard is smooth and creamy.
4. Add caraway seeds
5. Chill and serve. Keeps 30 days.

*Makes about a quart
Recipe from Garde Manger, the Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen, by the Culinary Institute Of America.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The King of the Queen City Still on Fire Going Into Year Two

[official press release]

Frank The Tank Set For 1st Birthday Bash at JJ’s Red Hots in Dilworth 

CHARLOTTE (March 13, 2014) – Frank The Tank is a big man, 13’ wide and a ton of Buffalo stainless, to be exact. He eats propane and breathes fire. Ladies and children adore him, and men want to be him.  He has a logo, a Twitter handle, and his own clothing and merchandise line. Quite simply, he’s the King of the Queen City. And he is set to celebrate his first birthday like no other one-year old could dare pull off: by dressing up in baby blue and setting everything that comes his way on fire. Because Frank, like any Renaissance man, ain’t afraid to show his sensitive side.

Frank The Tank is the catering personality of Charlotte’s reigning Hot Dog champion,
JJ’s Red Hots, which has two Charlotte locations. JJ’s will celebrate their main man’s special day with a party this Saturday, March 15 in Dilworth. For one hour, beginning at 1’oclock, Frank the Tank will be grilling up $1 No. 1 Red Hots (Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs). FREE Carmel Bacon and Red Hot (made with Firefly vodka) cupcakes, courtesy of Cupcrazed Cakery, will also be served.

“I am fired up for my birthday; then again, like the sweet North American propane that runs through my veins, I’m always fired up,” said Frank The Tank. “I was lying low this winter, but now I’m back -
Who’s with me!?

Frank The Tank has become a Charlotte staple, popping up at local food festivals and schoolyards, where kids go crazy at the site of him. In fact, his favorite events are local school functions because his boss JJ’s Red Hots always donates a portion of catering sales back to the schools.

“Frank The Tank is a leader. One of our best employees - hardworking, dependable, handsome and rugged.” said JJ’s Red Hots founder and owner Jonathan Luther. “That said, we still have to light a fire under him every day.”

With Frank The Tank, JJ’s Red Hots catering business has boomed, experiencing a 1800% growth during peak season in 2013 before Frank went into hibernation, perhaps getting the necessary rest before his birthday bash.

“We have so much fun with this brand, but we take certain things VERY seriously,” said Brandy Newton, director of marketing and brand development at JJ’s Red Hots. “We basically live by two rules here: ‘Don’t Dis’ the Dog and Don’t F with Frank.’”


Dear Frank,

We remember the day you were born and the feeling of pure joy as we held our baby boy in our, well, parking lot for the first time. We immediately fell in love with your shiny new exterior and the gas smell on your breath. You're an amazing kid and we can't wait to see the man you grow to become. We know you'll do great things. Stay strong. Happy birthday, little buddy. We hope it's great. 

Frank the Tank | 3 Months Old
Frank pre gaming before the below photo

Frank is a huge hit with schools

Oh, Josh. 

The first piece in Frank's clothing line - a TANK top. 

Dogs and Pops at King of Pops CLT

Franks favorite watering hole, NoDa Brewing Co. Bio
Festival in the Park | Freedom Park | Dilworth

Assistant GM, Crimson Darnell (left) and Director of Marketing and Brand Development, Brandy Newton (right)

Monday, March 10, 2014

RECIPE | Corn Salsa

1 LBS Frozen Corn Kernels, defrosted and rinsed.
3/4 Cups (green or red) Bell Pepper, small dice (Slightly smaller than kernels of corn)
1 Jalepeno, Minced
1/8 Cup Red onion, minced
2T Cilantro, minced
2T Fresh Squeezed lime juice (adjust as needed)
1/2 Tsp kosher salt
1/3 Tsp ground black pepper


1. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl
2. Mix well and chill overnight before serving

*makes approximately 2 cups

Friday, March 7, 2014

BrewDogs 2014

Every year, during the months of March and April, we go above and beyond our normal celebration of local craft beer with 2 major events: Charlotte Craft Beer Week and NC Beer Month - a nod to the brilliant breweries in the Carolinas. Last year we introduced "Brew Dogs" - a friendly and fun collaboration between JJ's Red Hots, local breweries and beer retailers.

Well, we're back in 2014 with our Brew Dog Series!  We reached out to Triple C, OMB, NoDa Brewing, Unknown Brewing, Good Bottle Co, Salud Beer Shop, and local beer enthusiast and blogger, Daniel Hartis of Charlotte Beer to create what they think would be their ultimate hot dog.

Last year they brought us dogs like The Swiss Family Reubenson (swiss cheese, sautéed onions, thousand island) and Put That In Your Pipe (all smoked ingredients: bacon, cheese, jalapeño ketchup, red onion). This year, they're back. And definitely won't disappoint.

First up are Chris and Blake of Good Bottle Co. In 2013 they brought us "The Good Dog" - A buffalo-style dog with Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Diced Celery and Franks Red Hots. It was, in fact, a damn good dog.

But this year they have really stepped it up! We'd like to introduce you to JJ's (in collaboration with Good Bottle) dog of the week March 10-March 17:

"GOODness Gracious Great Dogs on Fire!"

House Chili  |  Jalapeño and Corn Salsa  |  House-cured Bacon  |  Tabasco Sauce  |  Andy Capp Hot Fries

GOODness Gracious Great Dogs On Fire
It's all about NC Beer.
Good Bottle Owner, Chris Hunt, creating his dog. All Nighter Oatmeal Coffee Stout by Ivory Tower Brewery

Monday, March 3, 2014


New Orleans is awash in cultural history. When you are inside its walls, it swallows you whole and you are immediately aware of it. It’s right in your face - the food, the music, the beads and the booze. But you have to go a few times (and get the hell off Bourbon Street) before it all sinks in and you fully understand the power of this great American city.

And once you leave and sober up, it’s easy to forget that it’s the birthplace of two uniquely American art forms - jazz and blues music. I will even make the argument that without the vibrant music scene of the 1920’s and 30’s in New Orleans, we would all be listening to hillbilly mountain music or dancing the minuet. No big band, no swing, no blues and certainly no rock and roll.

So, that means without New Orleans - specifically, Buddy Bolden, W.C. Handy and Jelly Roll Morton – there would be no popular music. Yep, the world would be without Beebs and Miley, if you can even wrap your head around that idea.

For the uninitiated, here’s a brief introduction to some of the music of New Orleans and it’s environs. Please use this as a starting point only. There’s no way to include everything. Just go digging. It all flows from New Orleans. All of it.

The Meters - Fiyo on the Bayou
The Meters are legendary funk masters. George Porter Jr., Zigaboo Modileste, Leo Nocentelli, and Art Neville were the baddest cats around. This song is a doorway into the heart of New Orleans Funk and the Meters were the house band for all of it.

Louis Armstrong – Do You know what it means
Louis Armstrong used to sign his letters with the following closing: “Red Beans and Ricely Yours.” We dig that.

Irma Thomas– I’d Rather Be Blind:
Etta James may be more famous for her version of this song, but Irma is the First Lady of New Orleans. And man, that voice….

Professor Longhair – Tipitina
James Booker – Junko Partner
Professor Longhair and James Booker rewrote the book on how to play piano. Otherworldly and completely original.

Tab Benoit – I Got Loaded
Tab is a Cajun from Baton Rouge who can really rip it up on the Telecaster. This song is a great example of a syncopated Cajun rhythm with a stout blues backbone. Otherwise known as 'Swampy.'

Marva Wright – St. James Infirmary
Sweet and soulful version of this achingly sad and beautiful (and originally Celtic) tune covered by many New Orleans artists. Marva had the blues, all right. Just listen.

Beau Jocque – Cisco Kid
Beau Jocque was a zydeco monster and we lost him too early. This is a very tight and groovy version of the War classic, ‘Cisco Kid’.

Dr. John – Gumbo
a/k/a The Night Tripper…Dr. John freaked everyone out early on (His 1968 record ‘Gris-Gris’ is awesomely terrifying) but he has emerged, along with the great Alan Touissant, as the grand elder statesman of New Orleans music. This 1972 classic album ‘Gumbo’ is much more accessible. A classic. Also check out his 2012 collab with the Black Keys Dan Auerbach, ‘Locked Down’.(

Marcia Ball – That’s Enough of that Stuff
Marcia Ball is a New Orleans piano staple mixed with a little Texas ‘tude.

Fats Domino – I hear you Knockin’
Fats Domino is how rock and roll began. You can’t tell me otherwise. “The Fat Man” was released in 1950 and he had a total of 37 top 40 hits. In the 80’s, he decided to stay home in New Orleans and stop touring because he couldn’t get good food on the road. This is a bad, bad man.

The Radiators – Long Hard Journey Home
The ‘Rads’ are a musician’s band. Virtuoso players in an ensemble cast and they toured constantly. Their live shows were incendiary and they were always chosen to be the closing act for the New Orleans Jazz Fest before they broke up in 2013. That’s called R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This is a clip from their appearance on Treme, the excellent HBO series about a post-Katrina New Orleans.(

Fats Domino