Monday, March 31, 2014

BrewDog by Triple C

'BEER BQ' |  March 31 - April 6 

You reallllly don't want to miss this one. Triple C brought in the big guns with 'BeerBQ'. It starts with a big ass pork butt - hand rubbed, house-smoked and shredded. Then we top it with a Smoked Amber BBQ sauce and it's finished with battered and deep fried crispy onions.  That is all. This one really doesn't need any further explanation. 

Thanks for playing, Triple C. Oh, and if you'd like the recipe for Smoked Amber BBQ Sauce, we'll post it later this week.

Enjoy! (these guys certainly did)
once it hits your lips

cheers to BeerBQ!

Triple C guys with JJ's Owner, Jon Luther

BEER BQ | Designed by Will McClellan @ Triple C Brewing

triple c founder/owner, chris harker, hard at work

chris harker and jon luther | probably talking about beer. and hot dogs. 

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