Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ted's Hot Dogs, Buffalo, NY

All along the way, I have been mentioning Ted's Hot Dogs from my hometown, Buffalo, NY. It is the inspiration for JJ's and has fed and nurtured my love of hot dogs for 40+ years. I have stopped there on the WAY to Thanksgiving Dinner at my Aunt Dorothy's. (May she rest in peace and forgive me)

But It also occurred to me that I haven't really shown off many pictures for you to get a feel, so here ya go!

Very simple concept, as you can see...but the food has been the same for 84 years. Delicious, affordable and consistent with great service. Folks, the model doesn't change...for all the cool design shit I send out, if we can accomplish the above, I will be most proud!

Ted's does Charcoal Grilling...note "Warm/Cook/Finish areas of grill and flat cast iron grates.

A closer look:

This would be a typical order. Two dogs, rings and a loganberry drink...followed by another dog. Or two. 

This was taken six minutes after the above photo was taken...i timed it.

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