Monday, September 15, 2014

JJ’s Red Hots Helps 1060 Creative Celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a World-Class Hot Dog Named in its Honor

Local Video Production Firm Creates the “1060 Creative Dog” – A Chicago Dog with a Southern Kick – As Part of JJ’s Red Hot’s “Dog of the Week” Program

What do you do as a local creative firm when your name is so cool that it’s a Blues Brothers reference to Wrigley Field and you have a 10-year anniversary you want to celebrate? What else: create your own hot dog at JJ’s Red Hots as part of JJ’s wildly popular “Dog of the Week” promotion.

1060 Creative, a Charlotte-based ten-year tenured video production firm, whose name is a spin on 1060 West Addison – the home of the Chicago Cubs – cited in the 1980 film featuring John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, recently designed the “1060 Creative Dog,” which will be featured at JJ’s Red Hots two Charlotte locations, in Ballantyne and Dilworth, beginning today.

“It’s a Southern spin on a Chicago Hot Dog,” says 1060 Creative co-founder Anthony Proctor, who, along with colleagues Claire Bingham and Peter Baker, frequents the Charlotte-based Premium Hot Dog restaurant religiously. “We love JJ’s. The food is incredible and the place just has super personality. When we asked them if we could design our own Hot Dog, they didn’t blink. We have created a masterpiece that we know everyone will enjoy.”

The 1060 Creative Dog features vinegar-based BBQ relish, fried pickle chips, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, ranch dressing drizzle and chip seasoning. The 1060 Creative team perfected the 1060 Creative Dog under the direction of JJ’s owner and founder Jonathan Luther and JJ’s director of marketing and brand development Brandy Newton this past Friday at the JJ’s in Dilworth.

“We love it when our fans ask us if they can design a JJ’s Hot Dog,” said Newton. “It tells us they love our brand and want to be a part of it. In our business, there’s nothing more emotionally gratifying than that.”

JJ’s is on an unprecedented and undeniable roll, having been recently honored by Fast Casual as one of 2014’s Top 50 restaurants in addition to cleaning house on all Charlotte lists as the city’s best Hot Dog. It was the smallest chain in the Fast Casual list and the only Hot Dog/Sausage concept to receive the honor. JJ’s recently opened its third location, its first on a college campus, at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Their Dog of the Week program, which features collaborations with local businesses, brand fans and celebrities, was also featured in USA Today.

“We’ve built this great brand with our guests and we always value their input,” said Luther. “We feel the 1060 Creative Dog will appeal to those from Chicago who find themselves in the Queen City and all of our JJ’s regulars and guests who are craving a great Hot Dog.” for more info, menus, locations, etc. 

Explaining the hot dog build order

Relish taste testing

1060 Creative's Peter Baker building the Souther Chicago Dog

Anthony, Claire and Peter 

First bite

1060 Creative Hot Dog

... Paired with a local craft brew by OMB

1060 Creative + JJs Red Hots

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