Friday, April 25, 2014

i blame the bacon...

The day after a big event is always a struggle. A little because of the alcohol consumption, (sorry, occupational hazard) but a huge part of it is simply the event hangover itself.

The relief of putting another event in the books is a great feeling. And an even better feeling is the fact that it went off without a hitch. A wildly successful evening and another slew of great memories for our little brand. The weather was perfect, the 'cue was smoky and savory, the pops creamy and bacony and salty and spicy... and the beer....oh, good lord, the beer. Kudos to Triple C for concocting a damn fine bacon-infused elixr.

Most of all, our staff was on point last night.  I'm so proud of the leadership, management, teamwork and overall effort put into creating a great evening for our guests.  THANK YOU TEAM DILWORTH - Terrel, Gloria, Zo, Kelly, Will, Sydney, Ebony, Meredith, Miguel, and Campbell!

Thank you to our partners in crime King of Pops (Brandon DeCurtins) and Triple C Brewing (Harker, Will, Justin and Scott). I'm proud of our little collaboration and am extremely grateful of your willingness and open-mindedness on this idea.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who joined us last night. Not only for buying tickets and committing to us YOUR Thursday evening, but for ALWAYS supporting us. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves so much that it hurt a little this morning. :-)

I'm sure glad it's over but damn glad it happened. Bacon, Beer and BBQ - check. Onto the next great idea....

Click here for the playlist from last night.  And of course, a few photos:

BBQ Sliders | Pulled Pork, Slaw, Sweet & Sour Pickles, Smoked Amber BBQ Sauce

Sweet & Sour Chips


Welcome to all things bacon beer and bbq

The gentlemen of KOP + 3C 

Ms. Ellen Gurley, ladies and gents. 

Baby Makers

Ms. Yelp Charlotte | Nikki Wolfe 
Awaiting the bacon beer....


Joe Hall with JJ's Owner, Jon Luther

So good they might go on the menu

smokey bacony beer

chocolaty bacony salty pop with a kick
Team Bacon Beer & BBQ

q on q on q on q

love this lady | cassiday 
The Luthers

rockin' the roof 

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