Friday, March 7, 2014

BrewDogs 2014

Every year, during the months of March and April, we go above and beyond our normal celebration of local craft beer with 2 major events: Charlotte Craft Beer Week and NC Beer Month - a nod to the brilliant breweries in the Carolinas. Last year we introduced "Brew Dogs" - a friendly and fun collaboration between JJ's Red Hots, local breweries and beer retailers.

Well, we're back in 2014 with our Brew Dog Series!  We reached out to Triple C, OMB, NoDa Brewing, Unknown Brewing, Good Bottle Co, Salud Beer Shop, and local beer enthusiast and blogger, Daniel Hartis of Charlotte Beer to create what they think would be their ultimate hot dog.

Last year they brought us dogs like The Swiss Family Reubenson (swiss cheese, sautéed onions, thousand island) and Put That In Your Pipe (all smoked ingredients: bacon, cheese, jalapeño ketchup, red onion). This year, they're back. And definitely won't disappoint.

First up are Chris and Blake of Good Bottle Co. In 2013 they brought us "The Good Dog" - A buffalo-style dog with Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Diced Celery and Franks Red Hots. It was, in fact, a damn good dog.

But this year they have really stepped it up! We'd like to introduce you to JJ's (in collaboration with Good Bottle) dog of the week March 10-March 17:

"GOODness Gracious Great Dogs on Fire!"

House Chili  |  Jalapeño and Corn Salsa  |  House-cured Bacon  |  Tabasco Sauce  |  Andy Capp Hot Fries

GOODness Gracious Great Dogs On Fire
It's all about NC Beer.
Good Bottle Owner, Chris Hunt, creating his dog. All Nighter Oatmeal Coffee Stout by Ivory Tower Brewery

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