Sunday, March 16, 2014

BrewDog by NoDa Brewing


The second hot dog in our BrewDogs series is a custom dog brought to you by Noda Brewing's head brewer, Chad Henderson. He's known in the social-verse as "Beer Mad Chad" so it only made sense to replace "beer" with "dog" when naming his creation.

Chad doesn't build hot dogs for a living, obviously. He wanted to stick to the basics but throw in a little kick in the end. He started with our house-cured bacon. After hosting JJ's at the brewery last year for a Beer and Bacon pairing event, he knew our bacon (and lots of it) had to be on his dog. He added sautéed onions and peppers and JJ's sweet and sour dills. Still something was missing...

The main ingredient in this flavor bomb on a bun is Coco Loco Mustard made by JJ's Owner and Head Hot Dog Honcho, Jonathan Luther. It has an unexpected eye-opening, sinus-jarring kick to it - so keep a pint of Noda's Jam Session nearby. Noda's newest release, CAVU (An aeronautical term meaning Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited) also pairs brilliantly with this dog. CAVU is a 4.6% All Season Ale with hints of tropical fruit and citrus notes from their Mosaic hops, then finishes clean and bright.

I know what you're thinking,  "Hey, wouldn't Coco Loco Porter be the obvious pairing choice?" That would be obvious, wouldn't it? BUT with the flavors this dog brings, a light and refreshing brew really works best. Trust us, we're professionals.

*Recipe for Coco Loco Mustard below

Dog Mad Chad

Chad Henderson | Head Brewer | NoDa Brewing Co. 

Liz pouring my 12th CAVU of the evening - it's delicious!
CAVU in all its beauty

Coco Loco Beer Mustard

Mustard and beer were meant to go together. And the delicious Coco Loco Porter from NoDa adds an exceptional roasted malty roundness and deep rich color that no other beer can. Use this as a dipping sauce for pretzels, slather it on a ham sandwich or – of course - a bratwurst or hot dog.

2           12 oz. Bottles of Coco Loco Porter (Or beer of choice)
¼          Cup Brown Sugar
¼          Cup White Vinegar
2           Tsp Salt
6           Eggs
1 ½       Cups Ground Mustard
2           T Caraway seeds, toasted


1. Open one of the beers, pour in a glass and enjoy while making your mustard.
2. Combine all other ingredients except caraway seeds in a large bowl, whisk until all ingredients are well combined. Let stand for an hour.
3. Over a double boiler, whisk ingredients until mustard is smooth and creamy.
4. Add caraway seeds
5. Chill and serve. Keeps 30 days.

*Makes about a quart
Recipe from Garde Manger, the Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen, by the Culinary Institute Of America.

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