Saturday, May 19, 2012

Signage : A Milestone Incarnate

There signs were designed by Matt Stevens in collaboration with a Gastonia company, Sign Connection,  who fabricated and installed them. This is the first real chance to preview what is to come at JJ's. We've been pretty stealthy to date, but with the signs, especially these, there is no hiding whatsoever. And we lined the windows with a graphic print, also designed by Stevens.

The signs were fabricated at Sign Connection and I was fortunate enough to meet the folks who built them in person. Seeing the signs in the shop unexpectedly overwhelmed me and I was taken completely by surprise by their size, shape, impact and sheer beauty. But more importantly, they were perfectly constructed with a high attention to detail. I was told they don't get a chance to work on signs like this too often and they thanked me for giving them the opportunity. It was a great experience meeting with them.

Their installation team also worked diligently do get the signs mounted perfectly. And we are only half way done...the blade sign needs to be mounted as do the two strips of neon that will run along the roofline of the building. That and some finishing work on the deck, railings and take out area should really complete the transformation. In my opinion, it will become known as a landmark that will add richness and beauty to the Dilworth neighborhood and Charlotte at large. And we think fans of the famous Drum Restaurant, originally constructed in 1948, will be pleased to see what we have done. A new history is being created, so to speak.

Special thanks to  Matt Elkin, Chip and the entire crew at Sign Connection who did inspired and prideful work.


JJ's Red Hots in vintage yellow outlined in white neon. Mounted on textured red aluminum sign. check out detail in background outline and intricate neon work:

Blade sign, to go near take out area. Backlit routed aluminum with eventual neon border. Special thanks to Igor, the sign model:

Our Strategic Heartbeat is: Don't Dis' The Dog! This wraps around front of building, warning all who approach:

The 'tivoli' can lights are on the East Blvd. Side:

On Site:

This really was poetry in motion.

Heavy Lifting Machinery:

The One Timer...

Fits like a glove...note wrap around arrow.

Notice the oft imitated, never perfected 'reverse spin' technique:

Jeremy, "supervising":

This is our JJ's print designed by Matt will eventually be a red print and will be used on our custom printed deli paper. Really captures our fun and irreverence.

These are shots of the signscape looking northwest up East Blvd. Crowded with some high pole signs, but I believe our signage is complementary to the others and really adds character to East Blvd. A great addition to the skyline, in my opinion, and we've had very favorable comments from many other retailers up and down the street. Happy to see the neighbors being so courteous.

Lebowskis, as you can see has a very high pole sign and we fit nicely underneath it.

The old Blade sign at BBillys..well above the roofline.

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  1. These signs are easy to read and actually look nice. I am very excited to see that the City is full of Excellent signage. Through this life will get easier.