Thursday, May 17, 2012

Holder's Furniture/Lenoir, NC

As I have mentioned many times, we are very lucky to have master craftsmen working on the JJ's project in several disciplines. Meat packers, sign fabricators and masons, to name a few. 

Today, I had a chance to visit Holder's Furniture to see our booths and tables being fabricated. Founder Robert Holder gave me the tour of his factory and showed me what he has been working on. 

I love wood. My grandfather Lawrence Dickman was a master carpenter and I used to watch in awe as his thick arms would saw and hammer things together in his workshop. The smell of fresh sawdust always reminds me of him, and as I did not inherit his deft with tools, I am especially reverent about folks who can work well with wood. 

Robert has high grade sawdust in his veins. Touring the facility and seeing the work in process was meaningful for many reasons, (Check out our custom radius oak slab table below. Remarkable) but most impactful was listening to him describe the details and features of the booths. Attacking the furniture with a giddy zeal, he tore into the guts of the thing to show me the quality poplar frame assembly, reinforced wire springs and impeccable upholstery.

And as I sat down on one, a slow smile crept across my face.


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