Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Lies Beneath

This certainly was an interesting month. We made quite a few design and equipment improvements to the layout that put us back a bit, but it was time well spent. Thanks to Tom Wyczawski, Principal at the Foodservice Productivity Group for engineering the improvements and making informed, detailed recommendations that I believe will result in "best in class" operational design and service delivery.

Also, we began Phase II of demolition work, as you can see below. And we are cutting new trenches for the plumbing lines and grease trap with one badass wet saw. (Core Cut: Model# CC3700) When you dig into the floor of a 75 year old building, anything can happen. The building has undergone several expansions over the years and let's just say, shortcuts were taken. 75 years of "My brother-in-law can do that..." But it is now stripped to the bones and we believe that we have uncovered most of the legacy surprises. Now it's time to create an entirely new legacy. One rooted in forcemeat!

Also we've had productive meetings with POS companies, A/V providers and security firms; and retained Spark, a PR/Marketing/Social Media agency.

Finally, I'd like to welcome Jeremy Guthrie, Food & Beverage Director to the JJ's team. We are very excited to have Jeremy on board. I witnessed firsthand his accomplishments at Vintner Wine Market over the past few years, and trust me, the kid has got game.

Jeremy Guthrie, Food & Beverage Director

Design Meeting
Mike Pearson (Superintendent) , Tim O'Brien (Architect) , Kris Kellogg (Builder)

Before the Deluge

  The badass Core Cut CC3700, expertly piloted.

 Da Blades...

 Cut Blocks waiting for removal. Slab poured most likely in the 1955 expansion.


 A closer look at the cuts...smooth as marble.


 These were the old swinging kitchen doors. Big and heavy. Gonna strip and refurb them for the front doors with new etched porthole glass.

 Future office wall

Harvesting the floor for the prep area.

The Scullery

Trenches as of 3.1.12

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