Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baseball, Hot Dogs and Beer.

We love baseball, but in a perfect world, there would be thirty regular season baseball games. And a one-game World Series. Baseball is important, but good grief, It's long winded. It is a slogging marathon of boredom. Lots of grown men literally standing around. But it has come to Uptown Charlotte in a huge way, and it is a hell of a lot of fun to go to a Charlotte Knights games, because thankfully, at BB&T Park, there is excellent beer and premium Sahlen's hot dogs to pass the time. 

As you may or may not know, the hot dog we serve in our restaurants is the official hot dog of the Charlotte Knights. Based out of Buffalo, NY, Sahlen's Packing Company has been making delicious hot dogs and sausages for over 140 years. And thanks to Chris Cauley and the entire Sahlen's team, we had the opportunity to take over the Third Base Party Deck and invite 40 of our closest friends and fans of JJ's Red Hots. We had a party and a baseball game broke out!

Thanks to Sahlen's and all who competed and won our first Charlotte Knights Giveaway!

(Winning responses listed below)

now that's a ball field 

Incredible views of #CLT

The Knight Sky 

Cop: Excuse me sir, can I ask why you were going 100 mph in a 45?
Me: I was going to JJ's Red Hots
*cop hi-fives me and gives me his car
-Darrell Jones

Pickled pearl onions, pickled pearl onions, pickled pearl onions, pickled carrots.
-April Vahey

The sweet @Buffalo4676 is deserving of these tickets! #ThankATeacher She MAY even change her name to JJ
-@JDubCLT (Jeff D) 

Thanks for the "packing my life in boxes" fuel, @JJsRedHots!

Going old school for @KnightsBaseball contest #gotnothingbutloveforyouJJ…

Too easy. I'll do it in less than 140 characters AND in a Haiku:
Need a big sausage
Get your mind out of the gutter
I want JJ's NOW

-Chris Richardson

Date night of choice for us is ALWAYS JJ's. Nothing more romantic than a dog and beer. 
-Cassiday Proctor

I love JJRH so much that I will have literally eaten it for every meal of the day. 
-Michael Brennan

A hot dog haiku:
Dogs and beer for me
Must go for Dog of the Week
JJ's is the best
-Chris Keener

When we're back in CLT, we visit JJ's Red Hots...
-Heather West

The Hog Thai'd drew me in and I've been a LOYAL customer ever since @JJsRedHots you complete me.
-Erin Potter

I would literally fall over dead if I stopped eating JJ's. End. Of. Story.
-Michael Hernandez

Had my first Weiner the Pooh last night, I died and went to heaven.
-Jim Davies I look forward to the new specials. Nothing like getting new meat at JJ's!!! -Na'Shota Lytle 

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