Thursday, May 2, 2013


May is here and we’ve got our mojo workin’…

To some, “mojo” refers to a magic spell, charm, or the thing that keeps Austin Powers motivated to perform his duties.  But it also refers to a number of different sauces, featuring a variety of heat levels, with origins in the Canary Islands.  

Now popular throughout the Caribbean, mojo (pronounced “MO-ho”) takes on different forms in places such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, with a few basic similarities, including: lots of roasted and/or crushed garlic, citrus juice, paprika, and cumin.

We’ve taken inspiration from these sauces and influence from their Caribbean homes to create our features for the month of May.

For our monthly sausage special, instead of simply garnishing our hand crafted forcemeat with a version of mojo sauce, we’ve made a garlicky, citrusy, all-pork sausage that includes many of the different flavors of mojo sauce within, while bringing a bit of island flair by topping it with a house-made mango chutney that is both sweet and spicy.   

We will be pairing this with a bold and colorful jicama slaw that provides a delightful crunch and sharp citrus bite.

Also stay tuned for a few drink specials, seasonal shake special and of course our popular ‘dog of the week’ series. 

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