Thursday, March 14, 2013


Steve Amedio and The Whisky Dollars

The Whisky Dollars Backstage 
(Bruce McKagan, Mark Bruinooge, Jon Luther, Sumter Cox, Lou Mondelli)

View From The Stage

 Crimson Darnell, Manning the helm.

 The JJ's Table.

 Melonbelly, who shared the stage with the WD$.

I met Steve Amedio in 2007 while I was working for Muzak, and ever since that day he has been introducing me to fascinating and talented people. Many - including Steve -  are now close friends, trusted advisors and business partners. He introduced me to my current business partner, JJ’s Co-Founder, Whisky Dollar guitarist and compadre Mark Bruinooge - for which I will be eternally grateful - and he has graciously included me in his vast network of small (and large) business owners, dedicated professionals, oddball entrepreneurs, and respected citizens who occasionally get together for cocktails, dinner, coffee or to play golf. He is an inspiring individual, and I am a better man because I know him and his beautiful (and growing) family. 

Along the way, Steve also introduced me to a guy named Rob Eubank. I played golf a few times with him and his partners at ettain, saw each other at charity tournaments, and we even had drinks on the roof of the building that is now JJ’s Red Hots. I didn’t know him well, but knew him well enough to know that he was a good man, a great father and a loving husband. His loss was devastating.

But turning that darkness into light is really  - in my eyes, anyway - the true purpose of the All In To Fight Cancer organization. And with Steve’s passionate leadership and the collective talent and drive inside the entire group, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one day, this organization were found to be directly responsible for finding a cure. I truly believe that.

Last Tuesday, March 12, the third annual All In To Fight Cancer Poker tournament was held at the Fillmore in Charlotte. And what a big night it was. A fantastic event attended by over 500 people that helped to raise a ton of money for a great cause. 

Above are a few photos of the event. Check out many more photos at the All In To Fight Cancer website, facebook page and twitter feed. 

JJ’s Red Hots and the Whisky Dollars were thrilled to be a part of it, and look forward to being a part of it's future. 

Thanks to all of the people who made this night so special - especially Steve, Scott Miner, Erin Faucette and Brittany Forrestal  - and may God bless all of those courageous souls who are currently battling this cunning disease.

(For more information on this event and the incredible organization behind it, please visit:

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