Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Demolition. Day Two and Three

We made incredible progress in the last two days. One particular rough spot was the bar. It was made with reinforced cement poured inside masonry block. Nobody could figure out why. It took eight hardworking dudes, six or seven hundred swings of a sledgehammer, a high powered concrete saw and a jackhammer to get it out of there. 

Before the 'hammers:

The Jackhammer:

Former bathrooms, future corridor to the patio:


 "Drum" circle:

The bar today, safely demolished...window being cut through wall to create open kitchen tomorrow.

Former managers office...that safe is easily 1000 lbs. This will be the walk up window.

This is the exposed original circular roofline for the Drum. I am no carpenter, but I assume the unique "T" blocking inside the structure was to help shape the curved walls.

Prep area.

Below: Tile we found under the bar. Most likely original tile from "The Drum", circa 1948

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